The Department of Health has confirmed 6 people died because of the pandemic, bringing a total number of fatalities at 25.

With no exposure or travel history, patient 200 who is a 34-year old Filipino male from Quezon City died today due to COVID-19. Before being confirmed positive for the coronavirus disease, the patient is diabetic. His final cause of death is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, secondary to Severe Acute Respiratory Illness COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Patient 310 is a 60-year old Filipino female from QC. After being tested positive on March 21, the patient died due to Acute Respiratory Distress secondary to COVID-19, a Community Acquied Pneumonia-High Risk. She had a travel history from France and Abu Dhabi and her death is now included among 25 death toll.

Also, DOH announces the 25th patient’s fatality. He was a 69-year old Filipino male who also resided Quezon City. He previously had diabetes and hypertension before tested positive for COVID-19 last March 20.


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