All adults in Vietnam’s big cities to get vaxxed by mid-month


Vietnam ministry of health announced Sunday all adult residents from Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi with at least one shot will be vaccinated by 15 September .
Infecting over 520,000 people and killing 13,000, the country has one of the lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates, with only 3.3 percent of the whole population already fully vaccinated. Of the 98 million, 15.4 percent have received their first dose.


HANOI — Half of the country’s infections and 80 percent of the fatalities comes from Ho Chi Minh City. The cities must “mobilize all capable forces including private medical facilities, to vaccinate people at full capacity,” the ministry said in an emergency dispatch.

Government data shows 88 percent of Ho Chi Minh City’s adult population of 6.97 million have been inoculated with at least one shot. The rate is 53 percent for Hanoi’s adult population of 5.75 million.

The provinces of Binh Duong, Dong Nai, and Long An were also given the 15 September deadline to vaccinate all of their adult populations.

It said Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Long An have been allocated enough vaccine doses for the vaccination drive. (HMP/Headline PH)


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