Bautista debunks Pacquiao’s corruption claim


StarPay, one of the financial service providers (FSPs) of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), distributed cash aid to beneficiaries not only through its app but via other conduits as well says Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Rolando Bautista.


MANILA — DSWD Secretary Rolando Bautista explained on Monday during a virtual briefing that StarPay also distributed cash aid using other means, not just its app, one of the reasons there were only 500,000 downloads against 1.8 million beneficiaries, as alleged by Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao.

The DSWD must account for missing SAP funds, the senator said on 03 July.

“The beneficiaries have also received financial aid through conduits affiliated with our financial service provider StarPay. The conduit could have been MLhuiller, USSC, and others,” Bautista said.

Based on their data, beneficiaries who do not own a smartphone are serviced via other conduits. Also those with quality signal issues or connectivity concerns were handled by the financial service providers (FSP)through other means, not just the StarPay app.

Moreover, Bautista said beneficiaries were provided with reference numbers so they can still cash out their SAP aid through FSP conduits.

“The reference numbers were from the FSPs. They were assisted by the DSWD Field Offices to disseminate those to the beneficiaries,” he added.

Bautista also said he would like to know the source of the data of Pacquiao, who left for the United States hours after his supposed tell-all press briefing.

Moreover, DSWD Spokesperson Irene Dumlao said that Pacquiao’s office has not reached out to them to access their data or transparency reports on the implementation of SAP.

The DSWD is also waiting for an invitation to attend hearings or inquiries on the missing fund accusations. (RSS/Headline PH)

Featured image: Senator Manny Pacquiao. /Credit: Cesar Tomambo / Senate PRIB


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