Can we count on DOE when blackouts happen?—Pimentel


Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao, in a privilege speech, calls out the ineptitude of Department of Secretary Alfonso Cusi after the Luzon power grid was raised on red alert that caused rotational blackouts in most areas in Luzon, particularly in Metro Manila, when the Energy Secretary was holding a political party council meeting in Cebu on Monday.
The effects of rotational blackouts are costly and rake out billions of pesos from businesses, while it also poses other effects to everyone who depends on power in order to work, be treated in hospitals, including the storage of the coronavirus vaccines which are still in low supply.

MANILA — Senator Aquilino Pimentel III lauded the privilege speech by Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao on Tuesday, which recounted the assurances of the DOE, particularly, the part where Secretary Cusi said there will be “no blackout in the summer.”

Senator Pimentel asks whether the words—promises or guarantees—are still reliable when the country and the people suffer when these expectations are not met.

He also cites complaints from constituents that the blackouts have taken a great toll on their businesses, jobs, and their children’s studies, as especially at this time, everyone relies on the power supply to stay connected in any activity online.

Senator Pacquiao also mentions the expectation of an unimpeded power supply for the storage systems that will keep the coronavirus vaccines from spoiling.

Both senators agree that a senate hearing should be called to clarify the energy situation and to identity issues that could be resolved with innovative solutions, including new leaders who can steer the agencies to a better course, Senator Pacquiao furthers. (BG/Headline PH)


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