China-backed DITO Telecommunity Corporation announced that it would tap Fortinet, a US cybersecurity firm, as its “primary cybersecurity provider.”

The announcement came in a bid to ease security concerns surrounding DITO’s association with Beijing-run Chinese telco China Telecom. DITO is set to build cell towers inside military camps, triggering fresh espionage worries as Chinese intelligence and espionage laws mandate their companies to spy for the government when ordered.

“DITO Telecommunity will leverage Fortinet’s comprehensive network security platform, serving as its primary cybersecurity provider,” DITO said in a statement.

In addition, DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano downplayed spying risks, saying: “DITO Telecommunity guaranteed that its devices, equipment, and structures should not be used to obtain classified information from the Armed Forces.”

“DITO Telecommunity is first and foremost a Filipino-owned and -managed company and will always look after the interests of the Filipino people,” Tamano added.


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