Much like the previous leaders of the House of Representatives under the Duterte administration, Speaker Lord Allan Velasco said that he favors the proposed Charter change but admits that amending the Constitution will not be a priority of his leadership since there is not enough time to tackle it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To be really honest, I would want to push for Charter change, but I think there is really no more time, especially as we’re focusing all our efforts (on) COVID,” said Velasco, who particularly favors the review on the political provision limiting the term of congressmen to three years.

“At the end of the day, I really feel that we have to review, amend our charter. For instance, when it comes to our public officials, when we talk about term changes, to be honest, we really need it,” he added.

But if President Rodrigo Duterte really insists, Velasco said Congress would abide. “If he says that we should do it, we will do it. I look up to our beloved president because he is far wiser than I am,” he added.

The new House Speaker reiterated that the three years allotted for lawmakers to sit in the House is “very short.” He explained that the term limit results in public officials getting sidetracked from official duties as they tend to focus on preparing for their reelection bid.


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