Dennis Uy-owned DITO Telecommunity’s promise of a faster and more reliable Internet connectivity may face a new problem as Facebook and Google reportedly scrapped plans to link the US and Hong Kong through an underwater cable due to cybersecurity concerns, a university professor said.

The third telco player’s planned underwater cable project was abandoned by the two tech giants, following concerns by the Trump administration that it may be exploited by China to collect information on Americans.

“If DITO will opt to build its own submarine cable, then it’s the rollout timeline that will be (put in peril),” Glen Imbang, a technology professor at the University of the Philippines (UP), said in a statement.

It remains unclear, however, how long will the cable plan take to materialize and whether it would be online once DITO holds a technical launch on January 2021 and be out in the market two months after.

Earlier, DITO already asked for a six-month postponement of its technical launch, in which the government will determine if the telco can meet its mandated speed and coverage. In its first year, the Dennis Uy-led telco promised to deliver a minimum speed of 27Mbps with 37% network coverage.


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