DTI tells firms to advance their AI capabilities


What used to be the domain of sci-fi movies is becoming now a reality as no less than the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has advised companies to put artificial intelligence (AI) at the center of their modernization efforts in order to remain competitive in the post-pandemic era.


MANILA — The DTI made this pitch as it has announced an event on AI to boost competitiveness that will take place on 27 October.

“Initiatives such as AI must be harnessed and be placed at the core of all our endeavors to ensure that we will not only overcome overwhelming obstacles but also guarantee that our industries will remain adaptable (and ensure that) they thrive moving forward,” Trade undersecretary Rafaelita M. Aldaba said.

The DTI pointed out that the event will guide industries in preparing AI-adapted business strategies.

“This occasion will also showcase some the country’s experts in the field of AI who will deepen and broaden our understanding and appreciation of this new technology,” the DTI said in a statement.

“Through this event, a productive and constructive engagement is envisaged to revolve around aspects of paramount importance such as the potential of the envisioned National Center for AI research; experiences and insights on the adoption of AI by businesses, especially during the pandemic; and, critical issues surrounding AI particularly those that are related to ethics, governance and regulation,” it added. (JD/Headline PH)


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