In a public address aired over state television Monday night, President Rodrigo Duterte asked the House of Representatives to pass legislation that will address corruption in the Philippines.

“I want Congress to know that I’m ready to appear there in Congress and discuss with them, but they should allow me to talk first, then discuss how we can cut corruption, simplify the ease of doing business. I have some recommendation, almost radical,” said Duterte.

“I appeal again to Congress. I cannot fight corruption. I cannot find a way to move who are almost resistant to finding fault and resisting moves of the government to improve. Congress might want to enact a legislation,” he added.

Despite his vast experience as a government official, Duterte, who also offered to resign as president due to corruption, said: “Even with the investigation or the clamor for government to shake the tree, wala, hanggang ngayon it’s being committed every day. Can you stop it? You cannot. There is no way.”

Last Friday, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque assured the public that the government would not let erring Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) officials off the hook as the Duterte administration has zero-tolerance for corruption.


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