Eight passengers injured when MRT-3 coach caught fire


One of the northbound Metro Rail Transit Line 3’s (MRT-3’s) train coaches traversing the stretch between Buendia and Guadalupe caught fire last Saturday, 09 October, injuring eight passengers.
“We extend our deepest apologies to all our passengers who were affected by the incident, and that we are examining all possible angles to accurately determine its cause,” the DOTr MRT-3 said in an official statement.
They added, “We assure the public that we will take all the necessary countermeasures to prevent a repeat of this incident.”


MAKATI CITY — According to the Department of Transportation MRT-3 (DOTr MRT-3), they first received a report of the fire at around 9:12 P.M. on Saturday. The fire brigade arrived at around 9:31 P.M. to extinguish the fire, and a while later, a few technicians were able to uncouple the defective car from the rest of the train.

Makati City’s Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) stated that the fire was officially extinguished at around 9:56 P.M., around 44 minutes after the initial report was received.

There have been no casualties or major injuries reported, except minor injuries consisting of bruises have been noted from passengers who jumped off the train. A total of four female and four male passengers acquired minor bruises because they jumped to the tracks. They have all been treated by rescue personnel.

Michael Capati, MRT-3’s Director for Operations, stated that the train coach that caught fire was old and has not yet taken part in a general overhaul.

The DOTr MRT-3 said, they immediately contacted their maintenance provider, Sumitomo Corporation, as soon as the report of the fire was received. Sumitomo, together with DOTr MRT-3, are still investigating the root cause of the incident.

The MRT-3 resumed full operation of their train services the next day, October 10th. (RF/Headline PH)


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