Filipinos pray for Pope’s safety amid assassination threat


Vatican security authorities who have intercepted a letter to the Pope Francis found it contained pistol bullets.
The discovery prompted fears for the pontiff’s life and safety.


MANILA — Manila archbishop Cardinal Jose Advincula is urging all Catholics in the Philippines to include the pope in their prayers.

According to Vatican insiders, postal workers at a sorting office near the northern Italian city of Milan discovered the 9mm bullets on 09 August 9 inside a letter to Francis. According to the findings, the letter was posted in France and addressed to ‘The Pope, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square’.

It also contained a message referring to the Vatican’s financial operations.

Reacting in fear of the pope’s life and his safety, Catholics in the Philippines are now offering masses and prayers across the archipelago in support of the call of Manila Archbishop, Jose Cardinal Advincula to include the pope in their prayers amidst the ongoing and health and economic crisis now being experienced by millions of Filipinos.

“While investigations are ongoing into the origin and motive…let us continue to pray for his safety,” Cardinal Advincula urges the public in a broadcast over Catholic-run Radio Veritas.

Advincula calls whoever was responsible for sending the letter as ‘sowers’ of fears and violence’.

“I know that his reforms inside the Catholic Church have made enemies, but who could plan to kill him because they don’t like the reforms?” he asks.

“Let us pray that God may touch the hearts of people who sow fear, violence, lies, and violate human rights,” he calls.

The archbishop discloses the pope’s reforms of the Roman Curia, the central body through which church affairs are administered, has threatened some of the most powerful individuals in the Vatican and inside the Church. (TRC/Headline PH)


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