Govt holds on to 70M target by yearend


Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr keeps his optimism up that the Government will achieve its target of vaccinating 70 million Filipinos or 70 percent of the population against the coronavirus disease of 2019 by the end of 2021.
With an estimated total population of 110.8 million at the onset of 2021, that is at least 77.5 million

MANILA — Secretary Galvez is optimistic the Government’s target is attainable as more vaccination sites are being set up while the bulk of coronavirus vaccines will arrive in the coming weeks or months. This he says during an interview with ANC.

“We will open, up this coming Friday, the Solaire. They can inoculate 3,000 to 6,000 a day. In August, we will open up our general public for inoculation,” he says. He adds the country expects about 9.95 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to arrive this month.

While the Government has activated 3,000 vaccination sites nationwide, the systematic approach is to inoculate 30 million of the most vulnerable and most active population first, he says.

“Once we are able to get that, at least we will have population containment, disease containment.” citing a similar approach or experience of countries like Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom upon vaccinating 30 percent of their respective populations.

“We have seen the threshold that once we get the 30 percent (of the total population), it’s good. We can open up some restrictions. And then at 50 percent, we see that we can open up fully the economy. But still, our target is, because we have the numbers, we can still do 70 percent of our population by the end of the year,” Secretary Galvez says. (BG/Headline PH)


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