Harvard study suggests that the COVID-19 outbreak may have started around August 2019, opposite to the original record of December 2019. The Harvard Medical School said that COVID-19 was already circulating in the community before being found.

This data is backed up by the fact that the first 14 identified COVID-19 cases had no direct link to wet markets, researchers said. Reports also show that the virological samples of wildlife in the wet markets are not possibly linked to the viral disease.

Another proof is that when they looked at high-definition images of six Chinese hospitals from satellite taken between 2018 and 2020, the pictures display a sudden increase of traffic outside these hospitals between August and December last year. This implies that the virus might have already been circulating but was covered up by China to the world.

The United States also accused China of not being transparent and that the virus was first emerged at a Wuhan laboratory and was planted to people to spread to the world so that China could take over the world economy.


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