Ilocos Norte coastal residents spur mangrove protection


The local government unit of Currimao in Ilocos Norte will construct a renovated mangrove picnic park as it encourages coastal communities to engage in its increased mangrove rehabilitation initiative.


LAOAG CITY, ILOCOS NORTE — In 2016, the provincial environment department and other support agencies collaborated on a two-hectare mangrove plantation project in Barangay Maglaoi Sur.

Municipal agriculturist and environment officer Ericson Biag was appointed by the Currimao government to be in charge of the restoration project, which includes the building of a picnic park and the planting of additional mangrove seeds or propagules.

“At least 2,000 mangrove propagules were planted at the site on Friday with around 50 participants, mostly locals,” he said in an interview on Sunday.

Because they are frequently affected by typhoons each year, coastal inhabitants are well aware of the importance of mangroves, according to Biag.

According to environmental specialists, mangroves provide life support systems for around 75 percent of the area’s fish, crustaceans, and mammals.

Mangroves may survive for up to 100 years if left alone, and the more they grow, the more they aid the marine biological system.

The 155-kilometer coastline of Maglaoi Sur is the project for planting thousands more of mangrove propagules by province citizens, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and other stakeholders.

The municipal agriculture office has been educating residents on how to grow, maintain, and protect mangroves. (RA/Headline PH)


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