Days after ABS-CBN went off the air, the public remains puzzled about what will happen to one of the country’s largest media networks.

ABS-CBN CEO and President Carlo L. Katigbak has appealed for support from their avid viewers. Celebrities and employees of the network have voiced out their sentiments to likewise call for the Filipinos to join their fight against the governing bodies.

Will good faith be enough on their side? Especially when it seems like they’re up against government officials like Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, President Rodrigo Duterte and his close friends and allies like Dennis Uy?

Davao-based businessman Uy has been a popular name in the news these days, especially that he’s involved with the country’s third telco player. His interest to venture into the media industry added him in the shortlist of people allegedly interested to buy and acquire ABS-CBN.

While this is yet to be confirmed, Uy’s profile and connection to powerful people in the government makes it hard to dismiss the possibilities.

ABS-CBN’s franchise became a hot topic when Duterte said in one of his speeches in 2016 that he will “block” the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise due to the network’s failure to air his presidential ad campaigns.

Some citizens also perceived that Duterte holds a personal grudge to ABS-CBN because the network aired the advertisement of his political enemy, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

In 2019, Duterte once again addressed expletive remarks towards the network, saying that owners of ABS-CBN should just sell their company.

While Duterte didn’t exactly mention Uy as the buyer, the public is quick to link the businessman to what the President said.

The speculations about the connection of Uy to the issue of ABS-CBN once again came into fore in January 2020, when Donald Lim, the former chief digital officer of ABS-CBN joined Uy’s company as the head of its communications arm.

Fast forward to the current events and we see the head of Federation of International Cable TV Associates of the Philippines (FICTAP) Neng Tamano as one of those who strongly campaigned for ABS-CBN to fold up.

What does Tamano have to do with Uy? Tamano is the stepmother of Atty. Adel Tamano, the Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Udenna Corporation, a company headed and owned by Uy.

The most important factor of all, however, is the fact that Uy is a close friend of Duterte and one of his largest donors during his presidential campaign in 2016.

Are these things purely coincidental? Maybe but if you connect the dots then your guess is as good as everyone’s.


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