“It’s time” to face up to the threat posed by China

POPULAR CHINESE military scientist Sun Tzu once said: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
Apparently, this serves as a sort of inspiration for the present leadership of the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping and the outspoken anti-China critic, Australian Senator James McGrath could not help but warn the Philippines against the Chinese “Trojan horse” tactics to infiltrate nations.


CANBERRA— “When we consider how many Australian companies house parts of their businesses in the Philippines, such as call centres, this should ring alarm bells with cybersecurity experts. We must be awake to the Philippines being one of the first dominoes at risk of falling to the nefarious influence of the regime in China,” says Senator McGrath in a keynote speech to the Australian Senate.

“It’s time” to face up to the threat posed by an expansionist China, he points out.

Former China paramount leader Deng Xiaoping had also warned of China becoming “social-imperialist” and urged the peoples of the world to unite with the Chinese people in defeating this kind of system.

Mr McGrath explains China is using Communist Party-controlled and owned instrumentalities such as China Telecom as “Trojan Horses” to infiltrate the infrastructure of smaller nations in the Indo-China region.

“Particularly of concern is China Telecom’s 40 per cent share in Dito Telecommunity, a multi-billion-dollar telecommunications company established in the Philippines,” says the Australian senator.

He underscores the concern of many that Dito Telecommunity is a Trojan horse for spying, including on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and its allies, the United States, and Australia.

“The Chinese Communist Party government also has a stake in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.” McGrath bares.

He points out that Asia-Pacific consulting firm Creator Tech* recently released a study into the new telecommunications operator that raised serious concerns about China’s entry into the Philippines telecommunications industry and its control of the national power grid in that country.

According to the Australian solon, the report states: “China Telecom reports to the Central People’s Government in China. This partner of Dito, which describes itself as ‘a main force for building a cyber power,’ is China’s preferred third mobile operator put forward by China’s leaders upon the request of President Duterte.

“This raises serious questions on cyber security, citizens’ privacy, and national interests. These will have serious repercussions on multiple fronts.” (JD/Headline PH)


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