Two luxury Beijing apartments owned by martial arts movie star Jackie Chan were seized by Chinese authorities and will be put up for auction at around $10 million due to an ownership dispute.

Chan, who devotedly supported Xi’s brutal imposition of the national security law in Hong Kong, found himself in the middle of a brewing political war in China, with his mansion seized.

Some analysts believe that while Chan has remained devotedly loyal to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he may have been targeted for alleged tax evasion. From 2006 to 2008, he promoted a real estate company in Beijing that paid him a 20.6 million renminbi that was directly converted into credit for his purchase. Considering that the alleged evasion was done 14 years ago, some speculates that the seizure of his property is no simple house auction but rather a more prominent political conspiracy against him.

Furthermore, many believe that ruling CCP authorities are hounding Chan for his close ties to the Jiang faction of the red party, which is the main faction fighting against the hegemony of Xi’s mob-like faction. Chan’s ties to the CCP are through a network of former vice-chairman of the party Zeng Qinghong. It is interesting to note here that the action against Chan comes right after Xi launched new purges across China to secure his control over the middle kingdom. The Great Purge of Xi Jinping went after the end of the CCP’s high-level Beidaihe meeting.

The tossing of Jackie Chan by the CCP goes on to show how in China, one must accept the authority, principles, or policies of a particular ruling faction, otherwise, individuals are subjected to the worst kind of harassment and hounding.


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