‘Joy and urgency’ on Nobel Peace Prize winners


“Democracies are weakened by disinformation, by rumors, by hate speech,” said director Christophe Deloire of the Reporters Without Borders group.


PARIS — Reporters Without Borders, a media rights group, celebrated the announcement of the winners, Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, of the Nobel Peace Prize.

They express ‘joy and urgency’ in reaction to the news.

Known by its French acronym RSF, the group has worked with Ressa and Muratov to defend journalism in their countries, which comes under regular criticism from authoritarian governments.

“‘Joy’ because this is an extraordinary tribute to journalism, an excellent tribute to all journalists who take risks everywhere around the world to defend the right to information,” said Deloire in their headquarters in Paris.

“And also ‘urgency because it will be a decisive decade for journalism. Journalism is in danger, journalism is weakened, journalism is threatened,” he said.

“This prize is a great signal, a very powerful message to defend journalism everywhere.” (RA/Headline PH)

/Photo credit: Reporters Without Borders


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