JUST IN: POEA Imposed a Partial Deployment Ban

Because of the numerous cases recorded about the abuse and maltreatment incidents in Middle Eastern state, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) passed a resolution concerning the deployment ban for the hired domestic workers.

“They (OFWs) work faraway and leave their families with a dream of giving a good future to their departed loved ones. They devoted to give best service to their employers without any assurance of good treatment in return… much painful to found out that there are numbers of abused and killed victims. “, Senator Bong Go stated in line with the current case of Jeanalyn Villavende.

Sen. Bong Go ensures in prioritizing the scholarship matter, death and burial assistance, medical needs with the help of Malasakit Center, and made it possible to give livelihood projects.

As part of the congressional investigation, there are facts that need to be exhausted with Villavende’s case such as the interrogative of where does the request for repatriation has been escalated. It is now a question whether the complain was directed in the Philippine Embassy or it has only been received by the Philippine Recruitment Agency.

Remembering that in May 2018, a memorandum of agreement was collaborated between Philippines and Kuwait about the condition of the Overseas Filipino Workers. In a timely incident regarding this, there are cited Philippine Common Reasons for Ordering Filipino Deployment Ban such as:

  • Unsuitable Security and Economic Conditions whereas employees are forced to work for long hours, unfair compensation and few chances to visit the family
  • Unstable Peace and Order Situation
  • Unsuitable Working Conditions by Employer

To add on to that, 1st District Rep. Lawrence Fortun from Agusan del Norte stated that there is no grant for blood money. Fortun then requested for the consideration of dropping the bilateral agreement with Kuwait.

Meanwhile, President of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute namely Susan Ople is seeking for a stronger monitorial scheme for the entirety of the OFWs.

Ople provided her statement with strong conviction that, “The local  government, especially those in rural area, should give a powerful role to monitor and assist the overseas workers from the point of recruitment instead of the departed families to travel in Manila just to check the current situation of their loved ones abroad.”


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