Leni Robredo confirms decision as presidential bet


Vice President Leni Robredo accepts 1Sambayan’s nomination to be its presidential bet for the 2022 national elections.


MANILA — She announced her decision to run for presidency on Thursday, saying she is now “ready to fight it out.”

Hours after her announcement, she filed her certificate of candidacy, accompanied by two daughters and her election lawyer, Romulo Macalintal.

She is running as an independent candidate, and not under the Liberal Party, according to her spokesperson Barry Gutierrez.

In her speech she said she will put an end to incompetence, corruption, and that culture of violence that persisted under the Duterte regime.

Finalizing her presidential bid, she said earlier, she has to ensure that the “anti-democratic, anti-rights, corrupt, and self-serving” style of governance under Duterte would be stopped in 2022.

She is dead set to block the return of the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to Malacañan. Her rival in the vice-presidency, former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr is also in the race for the presidency.

There is no announcement yet as to who her running mate will be but according to sources, Senator Francis Pangilinan is a strong possibility. Meanwhile, she hasn’t dropped the unity talks she planned earlier. (HMP/Headline PH)


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