Magnitude 7.5 quake shakes northern Amazon region


A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the remote Amazon region of northern Peru early Sunday, 28 November, and was reportedly felt as far as Lima in the center of the country and southern Ecuador, causing damages to homes near the epicenter. No serious casualties were reported.

LIMA, Peru — According to the seismological center of the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), the earthquake had a depth of 131 kilometers (81 miles) and the epicenter was 98 kilometers from the town of Santa Maria de Nieva in the province of Condorcanqui.

Some residents reportedly left their homes as a precaution as the earthquake was felt throughout central and northern Peru. No serious damage was made to the 1,100-kilometer oil pipeline of state-owned Petroperu that crosses the Peruvian Amazon region to the Pacific coast in the north.

However, in the town of Jalca Grande in Chachapoyas province, several houses have been damaged in the area, leaving three individuals with non-serious injuries as part of the church tower collapsed.

In neighboring Ecuador, the earthquake was felt in 19 out of 24 provinces, causing damages to some homes but no injuries reported, according to Ecuador’s National Service for Risk and Emergency Management.

Peru’s National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) said that the earthquake has caused damage to an undetermined number of homes in the Amazon’s districts of Valera, San Jeronimo, and Leymebamba.

Through social network, electricity cuts were reported in several locations in jungle areas. In local TV images, it showed stretches of roads blocked by huge rocks and dirt that had been knocked loose.

Meanwhile, the US warning system said there was no tsunami warning after the earthquake. (JE/Headline PH)

Featured image: Epicenter of Peru’s magnitued 7.5 quake. /Credit: USGS


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