The city government of Manila has realigned its P611 million fund originally set for infrastructure to address the budget for cash and food assistance of over 600,000 constituents.

“We realigned about P611 million that was originally allocated for infrastructure projects and used it instead for food and non-food assistance for every Manileño to help alleviate the effect of the COVID-19 crisis,” Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said.

With all the means to fulfill Moreno’s tagline “Unahin ang bituka bago kalsada”, the combined salaries of the mayor and other city officials summed up to P4.7 million and donated to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to accommodate more COVID-19 patients.

The Department of Health (DOH) has announced 536 positive cases for COVID-19: 364 remain admitted, 39 died, and 63 recovered.


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