Around 500 tricycle drivers in Manila who cannot work due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) are now set to their new job as food delivery riders.

Since the ECQ has started, tricycle drivers couldn’t offer services and forced to wait for the government’s cash and food assistance.

To address the dilemma, the local government of Manila partnered with Food Panda Philippines to employ tricycle drivers as a food delivery service in the city.

“With tricycle drivers, they’ve been there for quite some time so they even know to a point who they are going to deliver it to because they are familiar with the house, the address because these are regular customers,” Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso said.

“The new normal seems to be that there is a continued demand for delivery services and we need to ensure that the supply of riders is going to be adequate. At the same time, there are limited income opportunities for the people within those communities so it’s a very happy (partnership),” Daniel Marogy, managing director of Food Panda Philippines, added.

The first batch of tricycle drivers underwent a seminar and directed to sign their contracts afterward.

Moreno said that the project is a big help to Manila because the drivers have been idle for too long.

He added that the city now experiences the deepest need to look for alternative jobs while getting no assurance when will the ECQ be ended.

“We have to move on. We cannot allow stagnation because hibernation, stagnation does not give you any result. In moving, there’s a probability of high success and high failure. I would rather take that journey on moving in or on,” Moreno explained.


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