Just in the first week of January this year, there are 44 people infected with the unknown virus that started in Wuhan, China.

In most common reports, the recorded patients are working in a seafood market and it was ordered closed on January 1st.

It has found out that the market is selling birds and rabbits aside from the seafood.

Recalling that in 2002, SARS Virus was originated in the same said country. Difference between the SARS Virus to the current unknown outbreak is that, Chinese authorities are not immediately disclosing information to the public.

Health Authorities in China claimed that the viral pneumonia outbreak remain unknown. Now, as the Philippine Government’s effort in combating the “mysterious disease” from China, airport became doubly cautious with the tourists going here in the Philippines with the help of the advance scanners. The Department of Health is advising the public to prioritize the proper hygiene while wearing mask is also important whenever going to crowded places.


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