Pacquiao cites ill effects of blackouts, bats Cusi


Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, based on Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao’s privilege speech on Wednesday, was in Cebu presiding over a PDP-Laban (Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan) party council meeting when the Luzon grid was placed under red alert.
That despite Secretary Cusi’s assurance of no looming crisis on the energy aspect, the country is experiencing it now—a power grid red alert amid the pandemic.


MANILA — Senator Pacquiao calls on the ineptitude of Energy Secretary Cusi in handling the country’s power supply when, citing a documented conversation of a senate hearing with Senator Pimentel, the Energy Secretary said “we have sufficient regulated reserve that protects the fluctuation and we have a contingency reserve in case a plant breaks down…

“Through the end of the year, the supply is breaching the blue line so we have enough contingency, regulating and dispatchable reserve.

“So that is the most comfortable level that we have. So, to make it short, sa ngayon po wala tayong makikitang risk kung magkakaroon tayo ng shortage.

That “we have been monitoring the preventive maintenance of these plants….

“And, of course, … sa simula pa lamang ng pandemic na ito, and I am very proud to say na the energy sector prepared for contingency or business continuity place in case a situation arises.”

Further down the conversation, Secretary Cusi cited a ‘major’ incident where the business continuity plan was in place that no interruption took place.

Ill-effects of rotational blackouts

Senator Pacquaio continues on reciting the ill effects of rotational blackouts on businesses, students, coronavirus vaccine storage and calls for accountability from all concerned agencies.

There is no time for politicking in a moment when the country and our countrymen need so much assistance and there is so much to do to keep our economy afloat. Politics and election matters can be attended to later, Senator Pacquiao laments.

He had three colleagues who were unable to attend Tuesday’s virtual session as they were affected by the blackouts.

“It is sad to think that the officials who should be overseeing our problems in these times…. are putting politics first.”

“I am talking directly to Secretary Cusi… as a PDP member, a member of the party, whatever the situation, whatever the shortcomings we have affects our PDP members… We are all affected by the problems happening right now. Not just the small people but the big businessmen.”

Secretary Cusi’s handling of the blackouts affects everyone, Senator Pacquiao says, “now is not the time to talk about politics.”

The senator seeks Secretary Cusi’s resignation, saying, “I know many officials from other countries when it comes to failures like this… they deliberately resign…they no longer need to be removed by the president.”

A senate hearing on the country’s energy situation will be called to shed light on plans and contingencies and prevent power outages from happening again. (BG/Headline PH)


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