PCAF seeks DA’s nod to bring tariff on pork down to 5%

MANILA – In its bid to help local producers, the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) asks the Department of Agriculture (DA) to withdraw its petition to lower import tariff rates on pork.

The PCAF, which is the DA’s legally mandated arm for stakeholders’ participation, proposes that the Government allow the importation of cheaper feed inputs so that local producers can produce cheaper feeds and lessen the production costs in swine farming.

In a meeting recently, the PCAF and DA officials adopted a resolution recommending the withdrawal of the petition from the Tariff Commission (TC) for temporary tariff reduction in rice and pork for a period of 12 months.

DA would want pork imports under minimum access volume (MAV) to be slapped with lower tariff from the current 30 percent down to 5 percent in the first six months of the implementation of the proposal, and up to 10 percent in the succeeding six months.

Earlier, the DA has proposed to Malacañan a drastic expansion in the volume of imported pork to 404,000 metric tons (MT), a measure intended to address rising food prices and quell a potential inflation crisis.

In recent developments, Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar told the House Committee on Agriculture that the import proposal covers the volume of pork shipped in under the minimum access volume (MAV) scheme.

He said imports within the MAV ceiling are charged 30% tariffs while identical products beyond the MAV quota pay 40%.

“We submitted to Malacañan the resolution by the MAV Management Council recommending the increase in the MAV for pork in 2021. It is now awaiting the President’s signature,” Dar said. (BG/Headline PH)


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