Youth leaders and election lawyers are challenging a series of “unprecedented rule-bending” acts by the Commission on Election (COMELEC) that they describe as a “brazen accommodation, all purposely designed to ensure the unregistered Duterte Youth a slot in the House of Representatives.”

In a petition, youth leaders and election lawyers urged the Supreme Court (SC) to issue a status quo ante order and writ of a preliminary injunction that would undo Duterte Youth’s Ducielle Cardema’s proclamation as a representative to the 18th Congress.

The SC was also asked to strike down as void ab initio the COMELEC resolution issuing Duterte Youth a certificate of proclamation that declares Cardema’s substitution as nominee for the group.

For over a year now, the petitioners have been repeatedly challenging Duterte Youth’s congressional bid, asserting that the group committed a series of acts that violated the Constitution, Philippine elections laws, and the Party-List Act of 1995.


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