Senator Grace Poe believes that Internet service and coverage in the Philippines will improve by obligating not only telecommunications companies (telcos) but also regulators. Poe’s statement came after President Rodrigo Duterte warned telcos to improve by December or face expropriation.

“We know that improving internet service and coverage will happen not only by obligating the telcos but government regulators as well to remove the roadblocks to building the necessary communication infrastructure,” said Poe. Telcos have been investing heavily in improving services but the time-consuming permitting process at the LGU level hinders them from putting up more cell sites.

“Pertinent national agencies and local government units should step up so that the approval of at least 25 regulatory permits for the construction of cell towers will not take six months,” Poe noted. “Both government and telcos should work double time to give our millions of Filipinos better and cheaper connectivity by the end of the year. We expect them to act with urgency and sense of duty for the sake of our people,” she added.


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