POEA halts deployment of household workers to KSA


Pending revisions in the standard employment contract of household service workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority has temporarily halted the deployment of newly hired helps workers in mid-east country.


METRO MANILA, Philippines — On 25 November, Labor and Employment Secretary issued a memorandum implementing the suspension after reports came out that a retired Saudi general, Ayed Thawah Al Jealid, was able to hire household service workers despite his history of abusing Filipino employees.

Al Jealid used a “pseudo employer” in the employment contract, circumventing the verification rules of the POEA and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

“To avoid this situation…the new verification guidelines will require that the exact address of the employer’s house in KSA will be stated in the employment contract,” Bello said.

“So under the new verification guidelines, it is not only the employer who is blacklisted but also the address of the employer,” he added.

The suspension will be lifted as soon as new deployment guidelines for newly hired service workers are finalized and implemented, the POEA said.

Five of Al Jealid’s previously employed service workers went to the media in September and announced they want to file cases against him after they suffered abuse in his household.

It caused the Department of Labor and Employment and POEA to conduct a probe on the case. (RA/Headline PH)


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