Power rate increases this month says Meralco


September sees increase in power rates, as according to the Manila Electric Co (Meralco) generation charges have gone up.


MANILA — It is the sixth time Meralco has been increasing rates on a monthly basis since April 2021.

The power supplier will increase by ₱0.1055 per kilowatt-hour. That adds to last month’s rate of ₱9.0036 per kWh to what will become ₱9.1091 per kWh for this month, says Joe Zaldariaga, Meralco vice president and head of corporate communications during a virtual press conference.

The increased rate translates to an increase of around ₱21 in the total bill of a residential customer who consumes 200 kWh, ₱32 additional for 300 kWh, ₱39 for 400 kWh, and ₱48 for 500 kWh.

However, Mr Zaldariaga says, the slightly higher rate adjustment this month is still lower compared the same month in 2018, which was at ₱10.0732.

The Distribution Rate Tru-Up refund, which was approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is being implemented since March and will have to cover 24 months. Somehow, the implementation mitigates higher rates.

Residential customers enjoy ₱0.2761 per kWh refund rate monthly and appears in customers’ bills as Dist True-Up. As soon as the refund rate is consumed on its 24th month, the increase will be felt.

According to Mr Zaldariaga, the generation charge rose due to an increase in power supply agreements (PSA) and independent power producers (IPP) charges, and the correction on the net settlement surplus (NSS) component in the wholesale electricity spot market (WESM). (RA/Headline PH)


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