Quaden Bayles’ video sparks awareness about fight against bullying

A confronting six-minute video was posted Tuesday about a nine-year-old Australian boy with dwarfism Quaden Bayles being bullied at school by his classmates.

With over four million views from people around the world, the incident of Bayles seriously calls to raise awareness and fight against bullying.

Various famous personalities showed empathy on Bayles’ terrible experience. American standup comedian and actor Brad Williams raised funds using a GoFundMe page and have Bayles family sent over to Disneyland.

Not only that, the Indigenous All Stars sent a comforting message and have Bayles watched the National Rugby League of Australia.

Meanwhile, Yarraka Bayle, Quaden’s mother, emphasizes the relentless bullying experience encountered by her son every day. She reiterated how the school administration, principal, and educators are exerting effort in advising the students about the post effect of bullying.


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