Robredo firm at solidifying a united opposition


Working on the remaining time that could be mustered to unite a strong opposition before considering her plans for the national elections, Vice-President Maria Leonor Robredo could be running out of time accomplishing either.
“If my decision is to file (for candidacy), I must be ready by October 8. But as I see it, that’s still two weeks,” the vice president said during her Sunday radio program.


MANILA — Hoping to have communication lines open with other presidential aspirants, she is looking forward to forging cooperation towards unification that will challenge the incumbent.

“We’ll see if there’s still hope to get together. Perhanps there are some we can no longer invite, but as long as the communication lines are open, I’ll keep on pursuing it,” said Ms Robredo, who is also chair of the Liberal Party.

She underscored the significance of fielding a strong candidate against an administration embroiled in issues of corruption while at the same time warned of the peril of a fragmented opposition.

“In 2022, there are a lot of frightful scenarios that could happen…the return of the Marcoses…what’s happening now will continue to happen for six years (more).”

She urged the public to continue watching the Senate investigation into the Government’s purchase of pandemic-response supplies. She also noted that Krizle Grace Mago, the Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp administrative officer who testified before the Senate could no longer be reached.

Ms Mago admitted in a hearing last Friday that Pharmally tampered with the product certificates of the face shields delivered to the Department of Health (DOH).

The multi-billion-peso contracts of the firm were facilitated by Government offficials, the vice-president said. “This Pharmally issue would not have happened if no one sitting in Government helped.” (RA/Headline PH)


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