Senate website attacked during Pharmally probe


The official Senate website was brought down by cyberattacks starting 11:30am yesterday (October 6, 2021). It was soon brought back online eight hours later at around 7:38pm.


MANILA — A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyberattack brought down the official Senate website, according to site administrators. This kind of attack forces the targeted website to deny access to any visitors by overwhelming the site with internet traffic from multiple sources.

The chamber’s Electronic Data and Processing-Management Information System (EDP-MIS) stated that they were forced to completely block access from the website themselves, in order to stop the attack and monitor the situation further.

According to EDP-MIS, the sources of the traffic were from foreign locations, such as China, Ukraine, the US, and SEA countries. However, they also stated that the IP addresses were likely faked or spoofed.

The Senate website was not the only victim of a cyberattack this week.

Senator Richard Gordon’s website,, also experienced a DDoS attack this past Monday, October 4. It continued from 7am to 1pm. Gordon’s regular site bandwidth of 100MB spiked to a consistent high of 1.8GB during the attack.

Similar to the Senate attack, the IP barrage also came from various foreign countries. The site’s administrators managed to contain the attack by limiting IP access to those within the country.

Senator Gordon’s information technology officer, Myke Cruz, reported the DDoS attack during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s probe of the procurement deal between the government and Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation. This probe is chaired by Senator Gordon himself.

“We view such service outage or disruption as a serious concern as its timing comes when the Senate Blue Ribbon Panel is investigating alleged irregularities in Government procurement for COVID-19 supplies and equipment,” Cruz stated. (RF/Headline PH)


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