Solon advocates ban on substitution on political candidates


For the upcoming elections, House Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez has advocated for an outright prohibition on candidate switching.
“One reform I am proposing is an almost absolute ban on substitution of candidates by political parties.
“Another is the restoration of the old rule requiring incumbent officials to resign or to be deemed automatically resigned upon the filing of their certificates of candidacy (COCs) for other positions,” Rodriguez said.


MANILA – These proposed reforms, according to the House Deputy will “put an end to the manipulation and mockery of the election process”.

“It is lamentable that for the May 2022 elections, certain candidates for the presidency are perceived to be proxies for some personalities, even if they can be considered as serious aspirants,” he said.

Rodriguez suggested that substitutions should only be permitted if the candidate-nominee of a political party is disqualified or dies before election day.

This will give the Commission on Elections (Comelec) more time to screen COC filers, prepare the finalist list of candidates, and print the official ballots and related paraphernalia Rodriguez said.

His proposed reforms would force aspirants running for higher office to take it seriously and put a stop to the manipulation and mockery of the electoral process.

These would make more people believe in the integrity of the country’s elections, he added. (HMP/Headline PH)


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