To ease boredom and anxiety, as well as prevent people from going outside amid the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to COVID-19, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) encourages Filipinos to enroll in online courses that could hone their skills even after the pandemic.

“While it (online program) has been there for some time, the more that I am encouraging the public to avail of it now as we deal with COVID-19 (pandemic), to maximize their time while the ECQ is being implemented,” TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapeña said.

Lapeña said any individuals, with no age limit, may acquire 68 online courses that can be taken from eight to forty hours.

The offered programs include bread and pastry baking, basic computer operation, entrepreneurship, human health care, to name a few.

Lapeña said it is with great honor for the agency to accommodate almost 19,598 enrollees from March 16-29. The number consists of previous enrollees who have already finished an online course. Now, they look for other courses they like.

The TESDA secretary believes the sudden surge of enrollees brings positive effects to people while the ECQ goes.

Meanwhile, in fulfillment of its vow to help the frontliners, TESDA has already produced 57,000 face masks, 1,300 face shields, and sanitizers for healthcare workers, police, and military personnel.

When asked if the agency demands for a national government budget, Lapeña explains that TESDA does not call for allocation of separated funds to operate its offered programs.

“We are here to support and we will continue to help by implementing these,” she added.

To register, just go to TESDA’s official website.


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