US links China on Microsoft ransomware attack


The Biden administration and some of its allies including the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan, accuse China of the large-scale hack of Microsoft that took place early this year.
In March, Microsoft attributed the hack to “a highly skilled and sophisticated actor” it called “Hafnium,” which it said, “operates from China.”


NEW YORK The group Microsoft identified, exploited vulnerabilities in the tech company’s non-cloud Exchange Server software, which Microsoft wasn’t aware of, to steal information from the private-sector businesses that use the service.

A statement from the White House holds responsible the ‘actor’ “with a high degree of confidence…malicious cyber actors affiliated with” China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) of conducting “cyber espionage operations utilizing the zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server disclosed in early March 2021.”

At the same time, the US Department of Justice indicts four Chinese individuals it has accused of “coordinating, facilitating, and managing computer hackers and linguists at…MSS front companies to conduct hacking for the benefit of China and its state-owned and sponsored instrumentalities.”

“The compromise and exploitation of the Microsoft Exchange server undermined the security and integrity of thousands of computers and networks worldwide,” says the Council of the European “Union in a statement.

“This irresponsible and harmful behaviour resulted in security risks and significant economic loss for our government institutions and private companies, and has shown significant spill-over and systemic effects for our security, economy, and society at large.”

A spokesperson for China’s consulate in New York City didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. (HMP/Headline PH)


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