Vaccine passports would enable a return to normalcy


Following the lead of other countries, the Philippines is working on the issuance of vaccine passports, the Palace confirms.
“We will be having a uniform passport which can be recognized by everyone. The (vaccine) passport will enable us to really return to normal because you will be vaccinated, although you won’t get 100 percent assurance that you won’t be infected, there will surely be confidence,” says presidential spokesperson Harry Roque Jr.


MANILA — Vaccine passports have gained use around the world. The European Union is reported to start adopting the system in July, ahead of lifting travel restrictions within the EU bloc.

In the ongoing Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, talks adopting vaccine passports for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) bloc are being discussed as part of the major economic recovery agenda for the region. China and Singapore, being the first two nations already with the vaccine passport structure and system are sorting protocols that will unify needed items. (BG/Headline PH)


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