Look at how things can be achievable with the help of high-grade devices. With the 5G rollout imminent this year, the new generation technology responds to the many demands of today’s consumers and businesses.

Hopes are high that it would bring breakthroughs and advancement, especially in the United States. However, US doesn’t want Chinese brand Huawei to be its 5G supplier, The Washington Post revealed in one of its recent stories.

Swiss firm Crypto produces devices specializing in encrypted messages in over 100 countries. With more than half a century of experience after the world war, it was then secretly operated by Bundesnachrichtendienst, also known as BND, Germany’s federal intelligence service, along with its counterpart, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Despite the lingual differences of West German intelligence and the US, it has never been a barrier to achieve a close working relationship with each other, enabling them to consider a Six Eyes in reading top secrets and share intelligence services altogether.

Though there was no actual evidence provided that 5G infrastructures may serve as a gateway for illegal hacking, Washington has kept suggesting of the national threat which may be catered upon the entering of the network

“A key reason for the US campaign against Huawei is the fear that China may not only develop a similar surveillance capability but Chinese equipment and Chinese systems will make it harder for the US to maintain the same surveillance reach,” a minister of foreign affairs in Singapore in his recent speech stated that,

Meanwhile, computer security consultant Edward Snowden made it possible for the US agencies such as the FBI and National Security Agency (NSA) to exploit backdoor connected with large tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, to name a few.

After all the assumptions connected with the national threats it may cater, it will always be a public advisory to be vigilant at all times.


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