Youth group says ‘no to fake goods’ this holiday season


With Christmas just around the corner and Filipinos traditionally prepare gifts to give, an influx of fake goods are expected to flood department stores as they will come for a ‘killing’ in sales. They are cheaper than original products.
“Our customs officials should lead in efforts to prevent such goods entering the country but widespread corruption in the Bureau has allowed such goods to flood markets,” a group of young Filipino Catholics said while appealing to Bureau of Customs employees and officials not to be blinded by the money offered to them.
A group of young Filipino Catholics have launched a campaign to try and stop their fellow youths from buying counterfeit and smuggled products.


METRO MANILA, Philippines — Some 50 members of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Youth Group from Manila banded together to sign a pledge they called ‘I Won’t Buy Fake’.

They are on a campaign to convince young people that when they buy fake goods, they are doing more harm than good to our economy.

“Let us distinguish fakes and originals and buy only originals. Buying fake products contributes to the black market (and this) hurts companies that are paying proper wages to workers and taxes to the government,” the group pointed out in voicing out their appeal to boycott counterfeit and smuggled products.

A member of the group said that they were ‘compelled to act’ after a Bureau of Customs (BoC) report revealed that China was the top supplier of fake products, such as designer fashion items, accessories and cosmetics, in the Philippines.

“(This) report was issued to warn consumers about the poor quality and safety issues of fake items. When it comes to original goods, their trademarks are not only marks but a symbol of quality of a product,” Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero reminded those who may be tempted to buy this holiday season fake goods because they are cheaper.

“Counterfeit goods may seem like a bargain but they can be dangerous and could be funding organized crimes and syndicates. Counterfeit goods also deny the government billions in taxes and unpaid duty,” Guerrero added.

In agreement, members of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Youth Group stressed that “there are real risks in buying counterfeit goods, particularly health and safety concerns.”

The group also holds the Customs Bureau responsible and accountable for smuggled items entering the country’s borders.

“The presence of fake and smuggled products in the market is partly your responsibility. So is the health of consumers. If they get sick because of fake products, you are partly responsible for that. Let us not exchange honesty and integrity with money,” they concluded. (TRC/Headline PH)


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